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Most small businesses fail in the first 5 years.
Millions of small businesses struggle with cash flow each day. Dynamic projects, timelines and payment schedules create chaos with your cash flow.


See simple, effective and immediate cash flow clarity.

The CashFlow Tool was designed specifically for small business owners to provide better cash flow clarity to their business.

What people are saying about us…

“Prior to The CashFlow Tool, we used to change our invoice dates and put in fake bills just to get an idea of what our cash flow would be like. This often caused major issues with our accountant.”
“I love this tool! I can get BOTH a visual idea and a summary by week or by month of what my cash flows might be like. It lets me add items, change expected payment dates, and adjust to REAL LIFE issues that impact by business – all without messing up my Quickbooks!”


We Built The Software We Couldn’t Find, But Needed To Own.

  • Works seamlessly with leading tools like Quickbooks®
  • Simple & easy setup
  • Save and review different scenarios
  • Instant feedback with The CashFlow Visualizer™
  • Runs on a laptop, server or desktop
  • One click import
  • Daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly views
Developed by a team of accountants and business owners in conjunction with our software development guru.


Helping a Small Business Thrive

Small businesses of all kinds are struggling with cash flow. You need clarity into your numbers on an ongoing basis. Get the financial visibility of a certified public accountant at all times with The CashFlow Tool. Check out the scenarios below for examples of what it can do for you.


Business is much slower than expected and you have payroll next week. You need to know exactly how short you are going to be and what you are going to do about it.The CashFlow Tool will allow you to visually see exactly when and how much you will be short! You will have the ability to perform what-if scenarios with your cash flow so that you can see PRECISELY what you need to do. In this scenario, you have the option of editing pay dates on your bills, reducing employee hours, or determining how much revenue is needed to make payroll – all while keeping your original financial information intact!


Your business is growing tremendously. You know you need to buy new equipment and hire new staff. You are not quite sure WHEN to do it. The CashFlow Tool allows you to enter these expenses and understand the timing and impact to your cash flow. With The CashFlow Tool Visualizer, you’ll be able to “see the impact” before it happens.


You signed a large customer and you are progress billing the customer for the project. There are now major delays and your bookkeeping software shows bills due and invoices due based on the original scheduled date.The CashFlow Tool allows you easily edit dates of invoices and bills due (without changing your original financials) so that you can get a realistic view of your cash flow!

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